Friday, April 27, 2007


Here are some long awaited soccer pics! It's hard to find Dana when all she does is run back and forth for 80 minutes! It looks like the same picture, but it's not. I'll try to get more action shots at the next game, maybe she'll head hit it!

Monday, April 16, 2007


Leah coloring eggs!
Dana trying to wake up to see what the Easter Bunny brought her! This year I bought edible Easter grass! Yummy!
Leah at Uncle John and Aunt Judy's looking for eggs! Too bad that I put her special gold egg with $ in it in a tube leading to the furnace! And they had to pay $80 to get it out! Oops!
Cam's also searching for eggs!

The gang coloring eggs with Josh, our cousin!

Awww, they Do like each other! Leah checking out her loot!

Cams, too! What kid requests Altoids above any other candy for Easter-Cameron does! Weird!
Dana found her Gold egg we think her other egg with McDonalds $ in it was in the other pipe also leading to the furnace-never got that one out, we hope it blew out when the furnace went on! Let's hope it's outside somewhere!


This year we went to Wisconsin Dells for Spring Break, kind of a last minute idea since we didn't go to Florida. Dana couldn't go because of soccer but I think she liked having the house to herself for a few days (and this time no patio furniture went into a bonfire). We missed her but managed to have fun anyways! Paul and the kids can always find arcade games!
Us at Moosejaw, Leah's favorite place to eat!

Cam's splashing down!

Paul and Leah goofing around!

While Paul was in this wave pool (major waves!) he managed to save 2 people from drowning, some how the lifeguards missed them! One was a grown man and then a little girl later on! I think he needs the Wilderness trophy! He didn't even get a thank you!

Leah before the waves started!

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Dream Come True!

Scratch another thing I want to do in my lifetime off my list~I got tickets for The Police when they come to Wrigley Field!! I am so excited! I went thru a little crush on Sting back in my day-Actually it's not over yet! I used to have a guest appearance in my dreams by Sting asking me to marry him, this went on for a few weeks. Now what if he sees me in the crowd and remembers he used to ask me to marry him? :) Paul will be there and it will be so awkward! I know, I being silly but I am a little giddy at the moment!!

On a more realistic note-Dana is kicking some soccer booty this season. Her team is 4-0 with all wins being shut-outs! It's alot of fun to watch her play so well ( and to cut out the clips of her name in the papers)! Watch out Mia Hamm! I'll take some pics this week!