Friday, May 25, 2007

Leah and the Bee!

I will have a boring page to look without pictures for a while. Some thug stole my digital camera so until I replace it, everyone will have to use their imagination!

On a nicer note-Leah won her school district Spelling Bee last night! She is so excited and so proud of her accomplishment! She was competing against the other 2 schools in our district. I could barely look at her when she was spelling so I missed it when she won b/c I had my eyes closed! Leah gets a plaque with her name on it-no Jan Brady syndrome for her! Ha,ha!

Yesterday was also a big day for Dana also, she had her soccer banquet and received an award for being All Conference Honorable Mention, which means she's recognized in the area conference league as being one of the best players! And she received the award for having the ugliest toes since 3 out of 7 nails have fallen off from her soccer shoes! That was a fun award! So all in all it was a great day for us! I would be just as proud if they didn't receive any awards-they both work hard!!

Tomorrow we get to see Blue Man Group in honor of Len's 40th b-d-I can't take pics so just imagine Blue Men!! :) Should be fun!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Last Annual Picnic!

Pam and Brooke fight for the ball!
It looks like Todd is throwing Cams in this one!
Quite the server!
Paul and Sharon throwing bags! They came back from a 17-0 score to win!

This Saturday, we had our last annual Good Neighbor Day picnic, since we probably won't be in Lansing next year! The weather held out for us and we had a perfect day! We had a ton of great food and lots of volleyball games and bean bag games! We wrapped up the night with a bonfire and the kids played Ghost in the Graveyard! We will really miss our Lansing house!

Prom Night!

Last Friday, Dana had her prom. They had a great time at the dance, then they all went to the Hard Rock Restaurant. They went in a 25 person Hummer Limo-Fun! Her flowers were beautiful and so was she!