Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Holland Trip Part Three (the end, I promise!)

We went after waiting all day for the rain to stop to go on these Sand Dune Riders. It was well worth the wait, we had a riot. Of course Leah snagged the bag seat and we were flying! At the top of the dunes, the driver let us stop and run down the dunes. They were SO big and then we had to climb UP! Leah talked heself into the drivers seat! :)

Holland Trip Part Two

Most of these pics I took at Holland State Park Beach. My mom and I starting talking to this family sitting next to us and it turns out they know people from our church and a lady I work with. How weird is that? They were from Mokena.

This pic was taken at a little drug store soda fountain, it was so cool,like the 50's. Cameron got a real Green River (they added the syrup and seltzer water, and I got a chocolate Coke.

Holland Trip Part One

My mom and I took the kids to Holland MI this week for a few days. It was great to get away for a little bit. We did a lot of things in a few days.
Leah tries out some wooden shoes, not exactly her size. We did get Cameron his own pair, he said he would wear them for special occasions, like Christmas! :) They also loved the hats!

We ate lunch at the Dutch village and had, of course, raisin buns and Eidam cheese. Yummy!

Sunday, July 08, 2007


This is for Grandma's and Grandpa's and all other relatives. If you aren't a relative and want to send her an email, go right ahead. I just posted this so everyone had her email and I wouldn't have to read it over and over to people! Leah is at camp, we dropped her off today! She wants us to send her emails because the camper has to stand up and sing when they receive an email. If you want to send an email, the address is and put her name in the subject. She loves getting emails!!! Thanks everyone! By the way, she's there until Friday am,July 13th.

I, believe it or not, am having my 20th high school reunion this year!! So I needed to submit a family photo for the book. We went right after church on a 96 degree day! I had to do it today b/c we are never all together! I think that the pics turned out pretty good for a quick photo shoot.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Part 2

Dana and Chloe clicked for the day, they both love fashion, purses, and nail polish :) ! Dana was having a great day until she really hurt herself getting out of the boat. We thought she broke her knee, but it looks like it's ok. All she thought about was being able to play volleyball and soccer.

A Boating We Will Go! Part 1

We went to Ryan and Aimee's to pick up Leah and spent the day on the water! We had a great time, the water was awesme and the kids got to go tubing and hang with their cousins.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


We had quite a different 4th of July than we had planned but it was still fun! We were supposed to spend the day in Michigan but due to rain threats we stayed home! We were graciously invited to Jon and Mel's where we had a great time! Cameron is a little pyromaniac! Happy Independance Day!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Just when Leah's season ended, here comes Dana's! This is TF South's summer league and they looked awesome tonite! They beat Lincoln Way in 2 games. I have to say without bragging that Dana's jump serves were great. It must the fact that her braces are off and not weighing her down! :) I have a video of one of them but can't figure out how to work it! Let the season begin!

Monday, July 02, 2007


Cameron and I went to the park so I decided to take some pics of him doing his tricks! There were 2 girls there so I think he was really hot-dogging it for them! Leah is away for the week with Ryan and Aimee at their trailer so Cameron and I are pal-ing around! It's really great to have him all to myself, he's really funny and tells interesting stories!