Friday, October 24, 2008


I love Leah's face while she's in jail!!

Nice pic of us squinting!
Dana picked out the perfect one for her dorm room while Cameron picked out the weirdest pumpkin!


We have had alot of fun fall activities this season so far. My favorite was going out to the Buckley homestead's corn maze. We really couldn't have made it thru the maze without Dana's guidance. It must be because she's in college :) and so smart! It still took us 1 1/2 hrs to complete. At the end a somewhat dorky guy who works there asked us what we learned and I said (thinking I was so funny) "I learned not to drink your water"!! (since they provided gross well water 1/2 way thru the course) I proceeded to crack my whole family up to the point of tears in our eyes but the guy just sat there with a straight face and stared at me. OOPS, I offended corn maze guy! From there we went to Ryan and Aimee's to a pumpkin patch for more fall activities. We had a great time with them, got some pumpkins and went on home!

Dana and Cams navigating their way thru the maze in search of nasty water!