Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Watch out for the new Heidi Klum!

Not really, I will never look like Heidi Klum, but I did join the Eisenhower Fitness Center today! Paul, Dana, and I all joined so now we have to keep each other accountable! I am way to cheap to not go now that I spent the $ to join! Now I all need is new cute workout clothes! Maybe a new bag, and a new water bottle to match my work out outfit, a new towel, new shoes,etc,etc,etc!! This will be fun!!


This is my last ditch effort to go to the Super Bowl! I sent this pic into the Ellen show to win tics for Sunday! I didn't realize what Dana looked like until I uploaded the image! Paul last week decided to call his 2nd or 3rd cousin who just happens to own the Miami Dolphins (not to drop any names or anything) and ask for tickets! They wanted $700 for each ticket and with 5 people in our family we decided that $3500 was alot for one day and one short weekend! I know, we are real cheapskates! So I am hoping that my entry will be drawn this week for Ellen's show! We aren't the most creative people but I am desperate enough to get out of these single digits weather days! Plus a chance to see the Bears kick the Colts bootys! Go Bears!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Now I've been tagged!

A- Available or married? Married- 16 Years
B- Best Friend? Paul
C- Cake or Pie? Wolf's Bakery Lemon Fluff Cake (otherwise known as Dutch funeral cake, even when we are sad, we still need to eat something with our coffee! :)
D-Drink of choice-Diet Coke (does it come in a IV form!)
E-Essential Item-Duh, Diet Coke !
F-Favorite Color- Red
G-Gummi Bears or Worms? Both! and lots of them!
H- Hometown? West Palm Beach,Fl
I- Indulgence? My mother in law's 10x15 pan of apple slices!
J- January or February? February
K- Kids & names? Dana -17, Leah-11, and Cameron- 8
L- Life is incomplete without? Family (and a tan :)
M- Marriage Date? Sep 1st,1990
N- Number of Siblings? 2
O- Oranges or apples? Apples (as long as they are covered with a pie crust drowning in cinnamon and sugar!
P- Phobias/Fears? Clowns, and any person with a mask on
Q-Favorite Quote? If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much! (actually I hate that saying, I just had to put it!) Really it's-"Dad's down there"-by Arnie Grape
R- Reason to Smile? Summer is almost 4 months away!
S-Season? Summer
T- Tag three people! I will spare three people this time!
U- Unknown fact about me: Sometimes at work when no one is looking I dance down the hallways to the overhead music! (It's usually to Love Train)
What happened to V?
W- Worst habit? Nagging (per Dana) the kids about their room.
Y- Your favorite food? Right now, Jimmy John's subs
Z- Zodiac? Stupid!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Crazy Ed Debevics and Deelicious!

For Dana's birthday we took some of her friends to Ed Debevics! Our waiter was named Ralphie! He was pretty funny until he called Cam a midget. Cam did not think that was so funny and proceeded not to talk or even look at "Ralphie" all nite! Dana assumed the name of "Deelicious" So when they sang to her, the waiter yelled out her new name! Quite hilarious-only Dana would think of changing her name! We had a great time (except a member of our family had to have an emergency number Two stop on the side of the Dan Ryan in the pouring rain on the way home!) I sent Paul out to handle that one! Always eventful! Sorry no pictures of that, I am sure everyone's disappointed!

Friday, January 12, 2007


It's true-our little girl is 17 today! I can't believe how fast the last 17 years went. That makes me old!
Dana has been such a blessing to have as a daughter (yes,even in her teen years). She has such a great sense of humor and finds the good in everything! Not only is she smart, athletic, fun,(should I go on?:)) she has a great love for Christ! Enough bragging-have a great Birthday Dana!!

p.s. I looked for better pics but somehow my files are gone! hmm!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I forgot something!

I forgot to tell about my wonderful husband's tradition! A few years ago we noticed that Leah gets a little sad around 7 or 8 pm on Christmas night! She feels bad that Christmas is over in just 1 day. So Paul started a tradition of giving the kids one last gift when we get home from our Christmas parties right before they go to bed~sort of the last hurrah!
He bought and wrapped the presents without me even knowing! Now they really look forward to that every year. This year Cam and Leah got baseball mitts and Dana got her Step Up movie (I think that's my new favorite movie, so that was a gift for me too!)

Friday, January 05, 2007


My mom and I finally bought our tickets to see Wicked! I can't wait! I need some other opinons of the show! We are going March 25th! Whoee!
I hope I don't get scared with all the witches around! :)


For some reason, Blogger wouldn't load these under my Christmas story, so here they are now!


Christmas did not end on the 25th~We went to celebrate with Paul's dad in Pennsylvania the Friday after! We all enjoyed the warm weather riding this really cool go-kart they had. The scenery was beautiful and we all had fun! Paul took me for a ride out there so I could do some spying on the Amish people. I only saw a group of little Amish kids! That's it! If I could I would have peered into their little houses (except I think they have guns!) I'm sort of intriqued by their traditions~Maybe we'll turn Amish-Can amish wear Hollister, if not Dana might be out :)!


Then the real fun started-On Christmas Eve we had nothing to do for the first time ever. We went to Connie's Pizza downtown and had the coolest waiter ever-Carl! I wish I had a picture of him-he was a rocker dude so Leah liked him, Dana was embarassed that we were talking to him-but he was so cool! He even drew a guitar on our receipt, I think it was for a big tip-it worked! Then we went to Macy's to see the windows. It was so festive down there. My tender-hearted Dana saw a homeless lady and fell apart emotionally. She decided to go give her a little token and gave her everything in her pocket-$19.00! She didn't realize how much she had in her pocket until later! She didn't regret it at all! We were so proud of her! We were glad to see her break out of her moody teenager ways for a moment!
Then we came home and opened our Christmas pj's. On Christmas, we opened our family gifts! Leah got her Red Ryder BB gun, Dana mostly clothes, Cam-mostly Star War Legos and DS games. Dana on her first try shot a bird right out of the sky with Leah's gun-don't worry we immediately banned her from the gun ! Then to Gramma Bettys-more gifts and fun! Then on to my brother's house, where we told there was a ping pong tournament! I was out the first round of course with Leah being in the last round-she came in second! My nephews also got BB guns so there was a lot of ammunition being shot for the holiday!


Finally, a post~ our computer has been acting up so I can finally post! Our Christmas season started with a parade in Crete where we watched it from our car~fun! Cam and Leah petted actual reindeer! It was so cold! But a great way to start the holidays!
Then we made our first gingerbread house~it was so cool~we sprinkled powdered sugar over it when we were done to look like fresh fallen snow!