Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Turkey Day~Part Two

This year we had Thanksgiving at my sister in law's church-it was great because they had alot of things to do for the kids. So we didn't have to worry about them getting into trouble! We had a great time and great food!

Dana and and her fav Uncle Ryan having a heart to heart in-depth conversation. By the way, Dana cut her own hair, at least 5 inches-she did a pretty nice job! I love this picture! You really can't tell they are brothers!
At one point, Dana and I started taking pics of each other!
I know these are all of Dana but Leah and Cams were playing most of the time and I never saw them! Here's Dana and cutie Brett playing a tough game of air hockey-I think Brett won!

Happy Turkey Day~Part One

It was time once again for our annual Thanksgiving Day Hike-I thought it was a wash out b/c it was so cold and rainy the nite before, but it was beautiful out in the woods. Dana had to work and make the big bucks so we went without her :( Please don't look at our mismatched outfits, I haven't had time to coordinate winter wear yet!
This picture speaks for itself!
I took this great nature picture-so cool!


Cameron James Lagestee turns "9" today!!! Cameron has been such a blessing to our family-he adds the sweetness and thoughtfulness to our family!! We thank God for him today (and every day :) !! We are celebrating with a kids party today. We will have a pinata and we are going bowling!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My kids decided to make a leaf fort on Saturday. Do you see all the leaves in my backyard? Those weren't enough they decided-so they actually carried piles from our neighbor's yard and brought them over to our yard in gargbage cans!!Here's the finished product!! Pretty cool!
The pics don't really do justice on how big the fort actually was!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I officially started Christmas season!! I wrapped my first gift! I hope to finish wrapping the rest this week! I also am 90 % done with my shopping! I need to buy the rest of my kids stocking stuff, but I can't get myself to actually buy candy yet! Let the holidays begin!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's all over!!

Well, it's officially over-Dana is no longer a Rebel Volleyball player. We wrapped up her season with a banquet on Tuesday. She made All-Conference which is quite an honor, area coaches vote for certain girls in the district. So that was cool-here's a few pics from the night. The good new is for us that Dana might decide to be a walk on player at Olivet (we are hoping since we love the game so much!)

I put this picture in for Cameron who had quite a crush on this girl, Kelly. He flirted endlessly with her! Of course Dana and Kalli, this will be the last time they are ever on a team together! So Sad!
The Whole Team one last time!


I didn't have time to post on Tuesday, so all of you who wrote-here's TuTu! She was a witchbunny for Halloween-scary!
Everytime I open the frig-she comes right in-I was actually organizing the pop (yes,I take every can out and line them up)!