Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have decided to make up my own day "Tulip Tuesday" where I will show random pictures of our beloved Tu-tu! I'm sure it will bore everyone but me and Leah! You can tell where she chews on our woodwork-real nice!

Thanks for the memories!

These have got to be the worst pictures! Anyhow-Dana's last game ever was Saturday and unfortunately she was soooo sick with the flu. She was actually still throwing up an hour before her game. What a rotten way to end her last season !! We will really miss her playing and are trying to talk her into trying out for college ball. We have been watching her and her best friend Kalli play since they were 8 years old. It's weird to think they will never be on the same team again, so sad! I have a hard time seeing things end! ( Well, there's alway Leah :) :)


Yesterday we started our Halloween fun by carving our pumpkins, this was the first year that Paul didn't have to help with the knives. Cameron made his a cyclop and Leah's has a surprised look. Dana will be carving hers tonight. Even Tulip got in on the action! (I almost burned her tail by putting her so close to the lit pumpkins!)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Seniors Night

Some clever mom made all these banners-cute!!
This is the blurry picture of us escorting Dana thru the arch-good thing it's dark and blurry-no one can see me bawling!! (I think Paul even got choked up)
Dana and the gang!! These girls made an awesome scrapbook for each senior girl!
I love this picture!!

Here are the pics from Dana's volleyball Seniors Night. This is a night where the school honors the Seniors on their last home volleyball game. Paul and I got to escort Dana out on the court to accept her flowers and stuff. I lost it the minute I got to the high school and saw all Dana's coplayers with these really cool shirts on that they had made. The shirts said nice things about missing the Seniors. These girls have gotten really close over the past 2 years. Then I really lost it when they introduced Dana and us, I think Mel has a video of it, which she is probably going to blackmail me with it. :) Over all it was a great nite to honor Dana and her 4 years of volleyball!! One week left of playoffs, then it's all done!! Boo-hoo!
p.s. Thanks to Melanie,Aimee, Todd and Pam & family, and of course Grandma Kathy to coming out to share the special night! It really means a lot to us!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Last night was Dana's Senior Homecoming~I have to say that she looked awesome~especially after playing 7 games of volleyball! She said it was the best homecoming she ever went to~she was even home 2 hours earlier than her curfew, even better she got up and went to church,what a good girl! Dana and her friend Mike
Ahh-Dana and her Pops! How cute! Nice pose Dana!!

I can't believe how old she is already~time goes so fast!!

Lady Rebels Tournament

Dana and Kalli waiting for the block!

This weekend was crazy-we started off with a Friday night volleyball game at Lincoln Way Central in New Lenox. We were at church at 6:00 am Sauturday for something then back at the tournament at 9 am. Straight from there-Homecoming! Here some pics from the tournament! Tuesday is Dana's last home game and they do a special thing where the players walk out with their parents~I have been crying for weeks thinking about it. Wait until Tues!! I'll be sure to post some pics of me bawling on Tues!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Fun Fall Days

My kids got out early today so this is what they choose to do: Bobbing For Apples!! Hey-whatever floats their boat (or should I say~apples!!)

On Oct 2nd Leah celebrated her 12th birthday! Here are a few pics from her big day~We are going to have a sleepover for her in a few weeks, so we didn't do anything big on the actual day except watch Dana's game then went to Sanfratellos. She got a new skateboard and a bunch of other little things. Happy Birthday Leah! We can't believe how old you are!! Next year a teenager!! Yikes!