Friday, February 23, 2007

Prizes Galore!

Last nite was the TF South Fashion Show and some of you will remember that I won our trip to Florida at it last year. So this year I entered the raffle again and won a boat load of stuff! The Florida trip was not a prize this year, too bad. but I won a bunch of valuable gifts! Actually, After the sixth basket was brought to me I got a little embarassed! No really I did! One of my prizes was a basket filled with dog treats and stuff to give your dog a bath. A great prize if you own a dog, which we don't! I guess I should have bought a dog so I could use the stuff but instead I gave it to my good friend, Maggie Seufert, a golden retriever! Enjoy, Maggie! I love raffles!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Workout Update

No, there will be no pictures of me working out ever! I will spare everyone the grossness. But I just have to say that I found the key to working out!
I bought an Ipod (no,that's not the secret, I think everyone knows that) but I put Chris Tomlin's cd on it. I had to stop myself from singing and shouting out loud while on the treadmill! It made the time go so fast and relieves my boredom. Iwas a little sick of watching the man in front of me on the bike. I almost had to raise my hands, and I would have but I haven't mastered the treadmill without hanging on yet! I have no coordination! Today I loaded Sting on it so we'll see if that's just as good as Chris Tomlin!

I had to laugh at Dana yesterday digging out her car! She had her Coach purse on her arm the whole time! And the way she was holding her shovel was hilarious! She better marry a man who knows how to shovel! She finally got her car out! We had a fun snow day around here! Leah was outside the whole entire day! She has a snowball maker and a snow brick maker to make igloos! She made an awesome fort! I took the kids sledding the nite before so I was in for the day! Dana also surprised me with a gorgeous bouqet of flowers! The kids also got me candy and some lotion! My mom took the kids to Beggars Pizza for a heart shaped pizza while Paul and I went to our favorite-Hi-Fi! It's pretty sad when the waitresses know you and bring out a cafe of Diet Coke right away for you!I think the waitress has a little crush on Paul! We don't usually go out for V-day but I have working Midnights this weekend!