Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pasta Night!!

It's a tradition for the Varsity volleyball team to get together the night before home games for Pasta Nite-last nite was our turn to host it! I fed 12 girls and couldn't believe how much they ate-1 13.9 pan of lasagna, 6 loaves of garlic bread, 2 loaves of french bread, 3 lbs of spaghetti and meatballs! Did I mention a 10x 15 pan of Texas brownies! They had a great time and practiced their introductions and other things! By the way, they won tonight's game-must have been all the great food! :)

First Day of School!

Leah started her first day as a Junior Higher at Memorial!!
Cameron went to Coolidge as a 3rd grader-can you believe,a 3rd grader?!
Dana on her first day of her last year of high school-the tears are certainly flowing!!

Where were you when the storm hit?

Cams playing nicely in the sand, notice the beautiful blue skies!
Paul enjoying the sun, again notice the skies!
An hour later!Notice the dark blue-black skies

That seems to be the question when I got back to work today!! People were pretty surprised to hear me say-the beach!! The weather was great until around 3, 3:30pm then I noticed the sky getting a little darker! Being the alarmist I am,when there's bad weather a-comin', I am a-runnin'. So the life guard walks up to me (of course!) and tells me that there's a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and a Tornado Warning for Illinois. Great, just where we are headed! So Cams and I start bookin' for the car while Paul and Leah slowly meander their way! Dana calls me crying that there's sirens in Lansing and they are making all the kids at school line up in the hallways! And her phone goes dead!!! Again Great!! I am bawling and the kids are silently freaking out in the backseat~Cam suggested praying, why didn't I think of that? Anyhow, we made it home with only heavy rain and none of the high winds that blew thru-I was actually surprised when we got home and saw the damage in the neighborhood! God listened to Cameron's little voice!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

White Sox Fun!!

Last nite we went to the White Sox game and had a blast. It was the first fun thing we did since Paul's been on vacation. For once it didn't rain, the weather was perfect, and our seats were awesome! Leah got her glove signed by Paul Konerko so she was thrilled! Cameron stayed home and had fun with Grandma Kathy, so we brought Dana's friend with us. We got to met Minnie Monoso first and got some free tshirts! And the best part-Sox won!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Meet Tulip Lagestee

Call me crazy!!! We officially have a pet bunny! Her name is Tulip (because she's a Holland Lop of course!) I don't know what came over me. All I know is that we were having a great time at Lake Co.Fair in the 95 degree heat and Leah asked for a bunny in the 4-H tent and before I knew it we were walking out the fair with a rabbit! Not a funnel cake, a giant Scooby Doo stuffed animal, not Hot Wisconsin Cheese but a real live barn animal. I insist that she stays outside but it's so hot, even I can't stand to see her out sweating! Dana loved it until it chewed a hole in her brand new Hollister shirt that was for school. Leah is beside herself with joy since she is a huge animal lover so I am putting my selfishness aside for her! She really is a cutie. I already bought her a leash so we can walk her around the yard!