Friday, June 27, 2008

Flo'Rida Part Two

Us at Universal

Cams at Blizzard Beach!
Cams and Leah at our resort pool, there were 3 differant pools and this was their fav! There was a shell thing in the middle where they would flip off of. Would've made Gramma Kathy nervous!
I love this pic with their ears on, they wore those scratchy things all day!

We then meet up with Aimee and Ryan and Grandma Betty for a nite at Universal, fun! Next day, Blizzard Beach, more fun and sun! We then checked into the Hilton and suddenly felt very spoiied! Ice Cream Sundaes were brought out everyday at 1:30 by the poolside! One day we almost missed them and we were a little shaken up a bit (haha) Then on to Disney World! I personally feel that the money is not quite worth it but the kids really enjoyed it. It did bring back a lot of childhood memores though! Now back to reality, no more waking up to palm tress and lizards! Why did my parents move up here-I was born to live in Florida!!

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Anonymous said...

I am definitely turning into a slacker! While I am supposed to be working, I have read Melanie's, Aimee's, and your blogs from beginning to end. It was so much fun reading about everything that's been going on and seeing the pictures. :)